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Inside Rick Owens & Michele Lamy’s Paris Home:

Photo I: Sculpture by Horst Egon Kalinowski in the meeting 

Photo II:  In the library, the couch, triangular stool and shelving all designed by RO

Photo III: A daybed covered in suede with a sable blanket, both by Owens, whose designs are sold through Salon 94 in New York City and Gallerie Pierre-Marie Giraud in Brussels.

Photo IV: An installation of objects on Owens’s desk includes a skull and Roc crystals.

Photo V: Owens’s minimalist shower

Photo VI: A brass-topped table by Owens

Photo VII: The Owens-designed bed is pine plywood covered in cashmere felt.

Photo VIII: Owens leans against a concrete sink in a bathroom he designed.

Photos by. François Halard

(via lankawitch)


behind the scenes with blath kiff vex

from primavera (watch in full


She ran off into the night with moonlight on her skin

and stars in her hair

she smiled as the crickets greeted her

with chirps

and waved as the owls watched her pass.

she came to a stream

and listened to the song of water

passing through the rocks.

she saw the moon reflecting off

it’s surface

and the stars wrinkled with

the ripples

she fell asleep beside that stream

knowing she was



- Moonlight and Stars by Layla (via revamped-fae)

(via thebenevolentfaerie)

If anyone is interested


Reblog this and I will draw you in mythical human form. (By that I mean, fairy, mermaid, elf, etc). I want to start drawing these things again and this would be great practice. I’ve done this before and would like to do it again. Anyone can reblog. Everyone reblog. Just message me what you’d like to look like.

Thank you.