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Giveaway time has finally come…! I’ve hit 1k followers; thank you all for following me. :]

What you will get in this giveaway:

- (1) 5x7” white stag painting

- (1) vulture culture patch

- (1) painted pouch necklace

- (2) animal tails. One fox and one coyote. (If your state doesn’t allow one or both of those animal parts, I can replace them with another painted patch, or possibly a tiny art commission of some sort…)

- And your choice between the two metal pendant necklaces! You can pick one. Either the vulture pendant, or the deer. Whichever one isn’t picked at the end of this giveaway will be put onto my Etsy for sale!


1. You must be following me.

2. No giveaway blogs; I will check.

3. Do not delete any of this text. You will be disqualified from the giveaway if you do.

3. You may reblog as many times as you want. Each one will count as an entry! (Please be conscious of not spamming your own followers though…)

4. Only open to US, and people 18+… (Tumblr’s rules, not mine. Sorry to my international followers! Check out my instagram giveaway; it’s open to everyone who follows me there.)

Please make sure to have your ask box open, or else I can’t contact you. The winner will have 48 hours to respond, or I’ll select another.

Some other links you can follow: (Check them out!)

- I’m also holding a second giveaway on my Instagram account, fauvinpaws.

- My Poetry Blog

- My Etsy Shop

This giveaway ends on November 1, 2014

This giveaway is not associated with, sponsored, or endorsed by Tumblr.


Can you imagine these glorious horrors stalking and slashing down the runway?  I can and it makes for most memorable nightmares. From Alice Auaa 2014-2015 F/W runway during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Japan.